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Photo Gallery: Master Reyson's 2009 European Tour

Some photos from Reyson's 2009 European tour

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Sword lesson with Jack Reynolds

Reyson points to James Gracie's gravestone in Morton, Dumfries, Scotland

In France

David, Karim Mahaoui (5 grau Taekwondo), Reyson and Nico

Meeting of the Masters: Zulu and Reyson

Jefferson Auguin, Reyson Gracie and Arnaud Weiss

Raphael Roche, Reyson Gracie and Said Laaraj

Nohrldine Stanburski and Reyson


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Reyson and Oscar - a demonstration

Meeting of the BJJ and capoeira groups

The self-defence seminar

Visiting the Meadows, Edinburgh

At Roger Gracie's Academy: Roger, Reyson, Newton and Maurição

Roger Gracie Academy I

Roger Gracie Academy II

Roger Gracie Academy III